6 LoR Decks That Have Potential in Patch 1.10

6 LoR Decks That Have Potential in Patch 1.10

6 Legends of Runeterra Deck Recommendations by Silverfuse (Patch 1.10)

Patch 1.10 has brought about some pretty big changes which means some new decks may arise. Some of these decks are familiar and have been experimented with in the past, but with the new changes some of these decks may have more potential than ever.

Huge changes such as Jagged Taskmaster and Lee Sin may open doors for new archetypes to form and be played in tier 1 and 2.

To catch up on the other changes, check out our Patch Breakdown by NicMakesPlays!

Jagged Poro Cannon

With a buff to Jagged Taskmaster becoming a 2 drop with a 3/2 stat line this allows 1 drop archetypes to have a better chance to become a higher tier deck. There are several elusive 1 drops in Bilgewater and PNZ which allow Jagged Taskmaster to get full value.

1 drop aggro - silverfuse


[See Jagged Poro Cannon deck details]

On top of this, Bilgewater offers a lot of draw options through Pick a Card. This allows you to refill your hand with one drops to be played on that turn.

This is part of the reason that Petty Officer isn’t run in the list due to Pick a Card wanting to draw cards that it can be played on their turn.

Lee Sin Combo

This was a deck that was played early on with the release of Taric and Gems. The Lee Sin rework is personally my favorite change in Patch 1.10.

lee sin taric - silverfuse


[See Lee Sin Combo deck details]

This will allow Lee Sin to be played with mana to spare to make flashy plays with Lee Sin’s kick. His signature card being changed to Sonic Wave also makes a lot of sense for him as a card. I expect to see this list played in the new patch and to make a decent splash as well.

Crackshot Tempo Sejuani

This is a personal brew of mine with the change to Taskmaster and Yordle Grifter changes the flavor of Sejuani Gangplank.

Yordle Grifter’s Allegiance change will make it so Bilgewater decks who want to play Yordle Grifter must be more committal than before.

monkeying around - silverfuse


[See Crackshot Tempo Sejuani deck details]

In previous lists, people were splashing Freljord or Noxus carefree knowing that Yordle Grifter would generate a Warning Shot for Riptide Rex regardless of Allegiance.

In this list, I made it so there are all Bilgewater cards with the exception of Sejuani. Additionally, the new Taskmaster and Crackshot Corsair are huge buffs to the archetype.

A funny interaction is that Taskmaster also buffs up Powder Monkeys.

Heimer Vi Flash Tempo

Thank you AlanzqTFT for the list. With the change to Flash of Brilliance, this potentially brings a breath of new life to Heimerdinger and Vi which used to be a deck that dominated ladder before Flash of Brilliance and Heimerdinger’s 3 cost turrets were changed from the Elusive keyword to the Fearsome keyword. It was paired with Ionia in the past, but now this list uses PNZ and Targon.

heimer vi - silverfuse


[See Heimer Vi Flash Tempo deck details]

This is a theorycraft from Alanzq where he had found success with PNZ/Targon before the Flash change. The deck generally wants to stall until turn 5 to play Heimer and Flash of Brilliance to generate multiple turrets. This deck starts off as a stall deck and then quickly shifts into a beatdown deck through spells and the turrets that Heimerdinger generates.

A high power Vi also helps with the beatdown plan. The most important thing about this deck is to protect Vi and Heimerdinger through defensive cards such as Bastion and Sunblessed Vigor. If either of these cards lives for a couple turns, then you are very likely to win the game.

Nightfall Aggro

NicMakesPlays has been a big fan of Nightfall Diana and Nocturne decks and tested different lists for a while. In his previous list, he was already running Cygnus as a closer, but now it is an even better closer as it gained +1/+1 across its stat line.

diana noct nightfall - silverfuse


[See Nightfall Aggro deck details]

This gives Nightfall a better closer which was needed for the archetype. This most likely means that Cygnus is a better closer than Atrocity which was something that had been experimented with in the archetype. The buff to Cygnus is also a small buff to Unspeakable Horror which makes Cygnus a better hit off of it than before.

Lucian Scouts Aggro

With the change to War Chefs, a new two drop is needed in the Scouts archetype and Lucian is one of the first ones to come to mind. With this change, Quinn must be cut as there can only be 6 copies of champion cards.

scouts - silverfuse


[See Lucian Scouts Aggro deck details]

Senna goes well with Lucian and fills the empty slot left by Quinn and War Chefs being removed. This list is still incredibly powerful, and I expect Scouts to continue to be popular on the ladder.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to ask Silverfuse during her streams (usually daily from 2-6PM CST).

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