5 Jayce LoR Decks to Try Out During His Launch Week

5 Jayce LoR Decks to Try Out During His Launch Week

5 Jayce Decks Worth Trying Out

Hey all, it’s Trevor “Shugo” Yung here. It’s that time again.

Alongside the release of Riot x Arcane and The Path of Champions we’ve been given a new set of cards themed around Piltover’s finest; Jayce!

The new cards open up some crazy potential so let’s get to brewing and explore some of what Jayce has to offer!

If you’re still catching up on Jayce’s mini-expansion, check out our card-by-card breakdown.

1. Jayce Lux

Shugo's jayce lux (lor deck)


[See Jayce Lux deck details]

First up, we have the obligatory Jayce Lux deck. Upon looking at their level-up conditions, how can you not pair the two together!?

Playing multiple 6+ mana spells is no easy feat, so we’re packing a bunch of control tools to help stall and survive until late game.

We’re running six 1-drops to help establish a blocker from the start. Having literally any unit on board gives us a target for Brightsteel Protector, which often deters the opponent from attacking at all. Forge Chief has nice synergy with Brightsteel Protector by allowing a free swing for spell mana.

forge chief (lor card resized)

The Forge of Tomorrow helps provide more early defenses and transitions well towards taking over the mid-game.

We can use the 3/3 to trade-off and enable Radiant Guardian. Then follow up with a Shock Blast to remove two more threats while refilling our spell mana!

the forge of tomorrow (lor card)

If that’s not enough, Jayce and Lux are reasonable stabilizers in their own right. Jayce’s challenger can pick off key units such as Bandle City Mayor while surviving to strike again.

Lux’s barrier is often enough to halt an attack just as Brightsteel Protector would.

Mageseeker Conservator and Ferros Financier both double as early blockers, and late-game finishers.

While we don’t exactly have full control of what we get, there’s a ton of goodies that can spice up the game. Regardless, paired it with a flipped champion and you’re sure to see some sparks fly!

2. Jayce Zoe Subpurrsible

shugo's jayce zoe subpurrsible (lor deck)


[See Jayce Zoe Subpurrsible deck details]

If you’ve followed my articles for a while you’ve surely experienced my love for the PnZ Targon Subpurrsible piles. With all the crazy powerful options and value it provides, can you blame me?

Jayce takes over Vi’s usual spot as we add a bit of combo potential to the list. On the surface, there aren’t a ton of 6+ cost spells, but we’ve got a handful of Invoke cards and Ferros Financier to help us find more.

ferros financier (lor card)

Falling Comet is a great option, and don’t forget we can always draw a second Jayce to get additional Shock Blasts.

If we happen to flip Jayce then let the shenanigans begin! Cosmic Inspiration makes all of our units permanently +4/+4! If that’s not enough, Destiny’s Call can hand-buff Zoe to a one mana 17/17 Elusive!

shock blast (lor card)

Okay, okay, coming back to reality now. Even without a level-up there’s a lot to like here. Play units that generate value, adapt your game plan to what you happen to find, then wrap things up with a combination of Subpurrsibles and Iterative Improvements. It’s worked before and it can work again!

3. Jayce Porealis

shugo's Jayce porealis (lor deck)


[See Jayce Porealis deck details]

Next up is everyone’s favorite; Poros! I’ll admit, I’m probably trolling with this one…but the thought of casting Aurora Porealis with a flipped Jayce or using his Acceleration Gate on an army of Poros is too hilarious not to try!

acceleration gate (lor card)

The Forge of Tomorrow is a neat setup card to allow you to cast Aurora Porealis and Poro Snax with only six mana.

This interaction helps get around the clunkiness and tempo loss issues the card normally struggles with. It’s also a fine fit on the curve as we don’t have any 3-drops worth running.

Ferros Financier, while not a Poro, helps tie in some extra value to the deck. There’s a lot of great picks such as Harsh Winds, Battle Fury, and even more copies of Aurora Porealis!

If Jayce is leveled, Winter’s Breath can become a devastating one-sided board wipe! Either way, it’s extra value and a potential win condition at almost no additional cost.

4. Jayce Corina

Shugo's Jayce Corina (lor deck resized)


[See Jayce Corina deck details]

When we think of big expensive spells, Shadow Isles often comes to mind. In the early days of Runeterra, Shadow Isles was the definitive control region, and one of few that could afford to cast such high cost cards.

So we’re bringing it back! It’s a massive Corina pile with a splash of Jayce. Annoy your opponents with endless amounts of removal spells until you can end the game with Corina or Commander Ledros.

Catalogue of Regrets is your guide to recurring value. Anything you cast will come back for a second round so you’re free to use removal less sparingly. Ferros Financier, Most Wanted, and Progress Day round out the deck as extra sources of card advantage.

catalogue of regrets (lor card)

Jayce takes more of a backseat approach with this one, working as a well-statted body that can take down a unit or two. And that’s totally acceptable. Don’t underestimate the flexibility of a four mana 4/4 with Challenger or Quick Attack.

5. Jayce Shellfolk

Shugo's Jayce shellfolk (LoR deck)


[See Jayce Shellfolk deck details]

Lastly, we have what’s likely the most competitive of these lists. As we all know by now, Curious Shellfolk is absolutely bonkers, so why not pair it with the hot new champion!

Most importantly is the access to Bandle City and its ever-present Minimorph. This gives a much more reliable six-mana spell for Jayce. Realistically speaking, Jayce’s level-up condition is pretty steep, so having inherently good cards goes a long way instead of jumping through hoops just to provide synergy.

Once again, Ferros Financier looks incredible. In Bandle City, he’s able to grab additional Minimorphs and double up on Manifest triggers thanks to Curious Shellfolk.

Add the obvious Conchologist and Loping Telescope and we’ve got a total of nine 2-drops that all generate value.

Conchologist (LoR card)

Loping Telescope (LoR card)

We’re used to it now, but think with me just for a second…remember the days when our 2-drops didn’t also create a game-winning card? Crazy, huh?

Overall this is similar to the original PnZ Shellfolk decks, but with even more value. Shock Blast is a nice addition as a reasonable 2-for-1. While Thermogenic Beam can be awkward in multiples, it fits nicely alongside Jayce as casting it for 6+ is rather reasonable.

Shugo’s Productivity Thought of the Day

When times get tough we often fall off track. Despite constant attempts, it can feel impossible to find our way back.

Are our efforts better used to start a new path?

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