5 Fun LoR Deck Recommendations (Call of the Mountain)

5 Fun LoR Deck Recommendations (Call of the Mountain)

5 Fun Legends of Runeterra Deck Recommendations

Hey, it’s Silverfuse and I hope that you have been enjoying part one of the Targon expansion as much as I have! The members of Glimpse Beyond have been having a lot of fun trying new archetypes and exploring new cards and combos.

From Swim’s Infinite Mill Combo to Dragons to Poro Cannons – we’ve tried and enjoyed it all. We wanted to share some of our favorite decks and maybe give you some new ideas to try!

1. Silverfuse’s Judgment Dragons

Personally, my favorite deck has been Judgment Dragons. As soon as Dragons were revealed along with the Aurelion Sol, I knew I’d have a blast with them.

On top of that, the Fury mechanic allows for hilarious interactions with Judgement where after slaying multiple creatures, the Dragon gains +1/+1 over and over making a huge dragon and destroying the opponent’s board!

silverfuse's judgment dragons


[See Judgment Dragons deck details]

This deck takes advantage of the Fury Mechanic with Brightsteel Protector and Screeching Dragon being one of my personal favorites as well as Single Combat. Concerted Strike is also an option. Generally, the deck has high enough tempo and a lot of toolbox cards to deal with your opponent’s board.

whiteflame protector jpg

judgment jpg

Although unneeded, I threw in a copy of The Skies Descend because playing the card is so satisfying and generally, my opponent concedes after it hits the stack. However, when the animation does go off, it is lovely. I’ve found this deck to be rewarding and not too bad of a ladder deck either.

If Judgment or The Skies Descend aren’t enough to end the game, then Aurelion Sol has your back!

2. Swim’s Infinite Mill Combo

If you have followed Swim’s stream, then you may have noticed him trying to find as many infinite combos as the game will allow him too.

At the start, he began a Zephyr Sage Combo which was later hotfixed to break the combo. He then moved onto a new infinite combo, but this time, a mill combo.

swim's infinite mill combo


[See Infinite Mill deck details]

This deck takes advantage of four cards, Chief Mechanist Zevi, Counterfeit Copies, Smooth Soloist, and Veteran Investigator.

At the early rounds of the game, the goal is to stay alive with as much health as possible. On round 7 or 8, the plan is to Plunder and then play Smooth Soloist which reduces the cost of every card in hand and deck by 2 mana. This makes Veteran Investigator 0 mana which Counterfeit Copies is used to shuffle more copies of it back into the deck.

veteran investigator jpg

smooth soloist jpg

The player then plays Zevi, which creates exact fleeting copies of drawn cards. The idea of this is to cycle and continuously play 0 mana Veteran Investigators which force you and your opponent to draw a card, but due to Counterfeit Copies, you are able to keep reshuffling cards back into your deck while milling your opponent.

chief mechanist zevi jpg

counterfeit copies jpg

Despite champion spells that shuffle champions back into the deck, these cost mana as well as only shuffle a single card. Counterfeit Copies allows you to easily mill your opponent before they have a chance to do anything about it. If you have watched Swim, then it will be no surprise to you that he popularized this list.

3. NicMakesPlays’s Nightfall Aggro

The next list comes from NicMakesPlays who was one of the few believers of Nightfall Aggro with Diana and Nocturne. While most saw the archetype as being too weak and unable to compete with the meta, Nic had a different plan. He was able to reach rank 1 on the NA server with Nocturne and Diana while continuing to optimize his list.

nicmakesplays diana nocturne nightfall updated


[See Nightfall Aggro deck details]

After playing over 500 games of Nightfall Aggro, he is still making changes here and there but overall has come up with a very fine-tuned list. Who would have thought that this would be his favorite deck as well?

nocturne level 1 jpg

The Nightfall Mechanic has added a lot of depth to aggressive decks as well as the playstyle. You have to constantly be thinking of what you want to use to trigger Nightfall and on which card. This requires you to be thinking ahead to future turns to make sure you have Nightfall triggers in the future as well.

diana level 1 jpg

Diana is a key component of the deck, but her interaction of only having challenger when Nightfall is activated requires set up rather than “play and pray” strategies and one of the reasons I have come to love this archetype myself. If you are looking for an aggressive deck where almost every card is from the new expansion, then this deck is for you!

4. Precipic’s Freljord Poro Cannon

If you love Poros, then you probably were excited to see the addition of Poro Cannon in the Call of the Mountain Expansion. I have messed around this card, which is arguably the strongest Poro card we have! Precipic has brought us a treat which is the Professor von Yipp and Freljord Poro Deck.

precipic's poro cannon


[See Freljord Poro Cannon deck details]

Professor von Yipp gives 1 drops +2/+2, so it comes as no surprise that there are multiple one drops in this list including Daring Poro and Teemo.

professor von yipp jpg

This list is a mix of Discard Aggro and Poros. Jinx is a fundamental part of Discard decks due to her level up condition of having an empty hand as well as creating a Super Mega Death Rocket which does 1 damage to each opponent’s creature and 4 damage to the enemy Nexus.

The one-drops, along with Professor von Yipp, allow for you to be aggressive against your opponent with the elusive cards that are now 3/3s rather than 1/1s.

poro cannon jpg

daring poro jpg

Poro Cannon is a great addition to this deck as it is a Discard that refuels your hand with 1 cost Elusive cards which can be buffed with Professor von Yipp or Poro Snax.

5. GdayMaverick’s Ezreal Karma

The final deck comes from GdayMaverick which is the classic Karma and Ezreal Combo.

gday ezreal karma


[See Ezreal Karma deck details]

With the addition of Tasty Faefolk, the deck now has a different way to sustain or heal besides Health Potion. This deck has been part of the Runeterra ladder for a while and combo players love it.

tasty faefolk jpg

The combo uses Ezreal’s level up which deals 2 damage to the opponent’s Nexus per each spell played. Karma and Ezreal are packed with spells, especially Burst spells.

Once Karma is leveled up, she doubles each spell played which allows for a one-turn kill with 5 spells when leveled Karma and Ezreal are on the board. Additionally, Ionia offers Karma and Ezreal a lot of tools to stall out the game until combo.

Tasty Faefolk is a strong addition as it is a 4/2 body with Lifesteal which helps the deck sustain especially against aggressive decks which were some of its toughest matchups.

There are still a lot of decks left to explore in part one of Call of the Mountain. TLet us know what your favorite decks from the Targon Expansion!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to ask Silverfuse during her streams (usually daily from 2-6PM CST).

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