5 Cosmic Creation Decks to Try During Launch Week

5 Cosmic Creation Decks to Try During Launch Week

5 Cosmic Creation Decks to Try During Launch Week

Ready for Cosmic Creation? Our experts, Swim, Silverfuse, Rattlingbones, Kuvira, and Precipic, have deck five recommendations for you to play around and experiment with during launch week!

You can explore all the brand new cards right now at our Cosmic Creation spoiler page or jump into creating a new list with our Deck Builder.

If you missed out on reveal season and want to get expert breakdowns from every new card, you can catch up with our first impression articles.

We still need a few days before we update our meta decks, so check back around Friday or so after we collect some data.

For even more new decks to try, check out Swim’s video below!

1. Swim’s Targon’s Peak

Swim's Targon's Peak (LoR Deck)


[See Swim’s Targon’s Peak deck details]

When playing this deck, look to rush into Targon’s Peak. Feel The Rush on turn 4 is really funny.

If you don’t draw it you have the normal ramp gameplan.

For your mulligan, target Targon’s Peak, Spacey Sketcher, and Faces of the Old Ones.

Get Moonsilver from Sketcher to cheat out Targon’s Peak a turn earlier, while discarding a card to increase Targon’s Peak’s odds of hitting big.

Spacey Sketcher (LoR card)Targon's Peak (LoR Card)

The perfect hand is Sketcher getting Moonsilver, Faces of the Old Ones on turn 2, Moonsilver into Targon’s Peak on turn 3, and then Feel the Rush, She Who Wanders, etc on turn 4.

2. Silverfuse’s Vlad Scargrounds

Silverfuse's Vlad's Scargrounds (LoR Deck)


[See Silverfuse’s Vlad’s Scargounds deck details]

This deck utilizes the new landmark: The Scargrounds. It is a Noxian support that gives a creature armor from Tough and +1 attack each time a unit takes damage and survives.

The Scargrounds (LoR Card)

It is paired well with Vlad, Crimson, and Scar units as well as Freljord buffs and Braum, who also works well with taking damage due to his regeneration and high health.

For your mulligan, look for Omen Hawk, Crimson Disciple, and Scargrounds.

This deck is a midrange deck with high synergy. It pressures the opponent by gaining attack from self-damage.

Over time, it chips away at the opponent and games will generally be finished with Captain Farron.

3. Rattling Bones’ Grand Plaza Lucian/Kalista

Rattling Bones' Lucian Kalista (LoR Deck)


[See Rattling Bones’ Lucian Kalista deck details]

This deck looks to combo off with Haunted Relic with Lucian, Kalista, or The Grand Plaza. Relic is straight up more consistent than it ever was with the addition of The Grand Plaza.

Having three 2|2 Challengers for 2 mana is kind of silly on turn 3.

This is the one deck where you might actually keep Haunted Relic and The Grand Plaza in your mulligan.

Haunted Relic (LoR Card)The Grand Plaza (LoR Card)

Aside from that, you’re looking to curve out nicely with 1/2/3 drops. You essentially have the same big pushes as before in the early game with cards like Cursed Keeper and Blighted Caretaker.

You’ll always look to end games quickly, but if you can’t close, The Harrowing will save the day :).

4. Kuvira’s Zoe Elusives

Zoe Elusives (LoR Deck)


[See Kuvira’s Zoe Elusives deck details]

This deck is a classic Elusives Aggro deck using Zoe and Sparklefly as the two new cards.

Zoe level 1 (LoR Card)Sparklefly (LoR Card)
Look to buff your units with cards like Omen Hawk, Shared Spoils, Mentor of the Stones, and Starlit Seer.

Your ideal targets are generally going to be Elusive units like Zoe, Lunari Shadestalker, Ruthless Raider, Sparklefly, and Crescent Guardian.

Keep your Gems to buff your deck with Starlit Seer and manage your spell mana efficiently.

Starlit Seer (LoR Card)

This deck also has a considerable amount of draw cards, Pale Cascade is one of the best Targon cards, it will allow you to save one of your units, push damage, and cycle your deck.

Pale Cascade (LoR card)

Shared Spoils is a draw spell that will allow you to buff your top 3 units and draw one of them if you activated Plunder that turn.

Guiding Touch is a great spell to use with Starlit Seer on board, it’s useful when you want to heal one of your damaged buffed units and draw a card at the same time.

guiding touch jpg

You always want to mulligan for Starlight Seer, Zoe, Omen hawk, and Mountain Goat are great cards to keep.

Don’t ever keep spells except for Shared Spoils if you have a great curve.

5. Precipic’s Hexcore Puffcaps

Hexcore Puffcaps (LoR Deck)


[See Precipic’s Hexcore Puffcaps deck details]

This is a Hexcore Foundry deck looking to jam the opponent’s deck full of Puffcaps or draw a pile of Go Hard and cast a big Pack Your Bags for lethal damage.

Poison Puffcap (LoR Card)Go Hard (LoR card)

You utilize the early removal tools from Shadow Isles to stop yourself from dying to most aggressive strategies and then you look to stick a Hexcore Foundry on turn 3 to start drawing your whole deck.

This deck plays cards like The Ruination and Vengeance to help ensure that even when your opponent sets up their powerful board state, you can just reset it.

Vengeance (LoR Card)

Finish the game off with your opponent drawing 6+ Puffcaps in a turn or a big Commander Ledros for lethal damage.

When mulligan-ing, you should look to keep Hexcore Foundry, Elise, and Teemo basically always. From there, keep your removal against aggressive strategies and your Puffcap generators vs slower strategies.

Against most midrange strategies you want to keep The Ruination. And against the slowest strategies, you should keep Commander Ledros.

Thanks for reading. To explore all the Cosmic Creation cards, head to our Card Gallery. If you want to start building your own decks, head to the Deck Builder!