4 Off-Meta LoR Decks With Competitive Potential

4 Off-Meta LoR Decks With Competitive Potential

4 Off-Meta LoR Decks With Competitive Potential

Hey all, Precipic here again for an off-meta deck compilation.

Today’s compilation has 3 decks from Kuvira and one deck from me.

Kuvira has been doing a daily deck of the day series on his Twitter timeline and has a ton more sweet decks in there that I haven’t posted here, so give him a follow here.

1. P&Z Freljord Overwhelm

DOTD 2 Pnz Overwhelm (LoR Deck)


[See PnZ Overwhelm deck details]

The first deck here from Kuvira is a neat version of Freljord Overwhelm, that looks to splash P&Z for a lot of very interesting tools.

The most notable tools here are definitely Ballistic Bot, Teemo, and Poro Cannon.

Ballistic Bot (LoR card)Poro Cannon (LoR card reveal)

These cards all are individually fairly powerful tools but the thing they do that’s super powerful in this deck is that they provide you with a steady stream of Plunder triggers for cards like Shared Spoils, Spoils of War, and Wolfrider.

Beyond this, these cards all level your Sejunai much faster than a standard Overwhelm deck would be able to do.

Sejuani Level 1 (LoR card)

This gives the deck a much more powerful long game compared to these other decks while still having the same powerful beefy Freljord Overwhelm Strategy it’s always had.

Add onto this a massive pile of burn spells and this deck should do much better than typical Teemo Sejuani lists.

2. Bilgewater Overwhelm

DOTD 7 Bilgewater Overwhelm (LoR Deck)


[See Bilgewater Overwhelm deck details]

The second deck from Kuvira is a very unique Aggressive Bilgewater Shurima deck utilizing all of the best beatdown cards in both regions.

Dunekeeper, Ruin Runner, and Shaped Stone have all shown themselves to be incredibly premium cards in an aggressive shell with each of them having the potential of pushing a ton of damage.

Dunekeeper (LoR Card)Shaped Stone (LoR Card)

This deck does something very unique however which is that it looks to utilize Exhaust, Ye Been Warned, Rock Hopper, and Hired Gun to enable a very consistent 6|5 Renekton the turn it comes down.

Renekton level 1 (LoR Card)

This should lead to some very powerful midgames that can run your opponent over.

Add onto this Gangplank, Zap Sprayfin, and Preservarium for some late-game insurance and you have a pretty strong deck on your hands.

3. Aphelios P&Z

DOTD 3 Aphelios PnZ (LoR Deck)


[See Aphelios PnZ deck details]

The third deck from Kuvira is an Aphelios deck.

I know, I know Aphelios decks are pretty meta right now, but this deck has some pretty unique tools that set it apart.

By dipping into P&Z you get access to two of the best cards in this style of Archetype, Ballistic Bot, and Poro Cannon.

These cards do a massive amount for both enabling Aphelios Nightfall and generating Additional Guns.

They are a fantastic way to enable The Veiled Temple, Ballistic Bot is an incredibly premium 2 drop for this style of the deck because of how well it holds both Severum and Infernum, and they also help level up Zoe super quickly.

The Veiled Temple (LoR card)

Zaunite Urchin is also kinda interesting with Aphelios.

A lot of the time you don’t want to discard one of Aphelios’s Guns to Urchin.

However, in some situations, none of the guns do anything useful for you because you just need to dig towards your Starshapings, Hushes, Solari Priestess, etc.. and having additional discard fodder on top of being able to see Ballistic Bot every single game because of Aphelios is a huge boon for a deck like this.

Aphelios level 1 (LoR card)

This seems like a super reasonable deck if you want to climb with an Aphelios deck that isn’t just the standard version.

4. Marauding Ezreal

Marauding Ezreals (LoR Deck)


[See Marauding Ezreals deck details]

The last deck here is my own brew.

At its baseline, this is just a P&Z Noxus Midrange deck that looks to use premium removal spells to level up its Ezreal fairly quickly and use Tri-beam Improbulator to control the board.

Ezreal level 1 (LoR card)

The main unique thing it does is that it plays the Reputation package of Thorn of the Rose and Leblanc to get access to powerful cards like Whispered Words, Bloody Business, and Mimic.

The main unique thing I’m doing with this is playing Legion Marauder.

I’ve found that Legion Marauder is a fairly underrated archetype in the game right now.

Legion Marauder (LoR Card)

This is for a couple of reasons.

The first is that I honestly think that if you aren’t in a region that has effective ways of protecting your Trifarian Gloryseeker, you need a more reliable way of consistently enabling Reputation.

Strength in Numbers I’ve found is a pretty consistent way of enabling that Reputation.

Strength In Numbers (LoR Card)

On turn 5, you can have 3 mana banked and cast Strength in Numbers, doing this will let you attack with two 5|4 Legion Marauders which often gives you more than two Reputation triggers because they can then block afterward.

I’ve had Reputation enabled in this deck by turn 6.

The reason I am going through all this trouble to enable Reputation is because Mimic on a powered-up Tri-beam Improbulator is very powerful.

Mimic (LoR reveal)Tri-beam Improbulator (LoR Card)

This can give you a massive amount of value and can let you grind through decks that you have no business being able to grind through.

Once you get through the midgame, it’s actually pretty surprising how large your units get in this deck, especially with Iterative Improvement to give you, even more, Legion Marauders.

I highly recommend this deck if you want an off-meta deck that beats people’s faces with 11 power Legion Marauders.


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