4 More Off-Meta LoR Deck Recommendations (Empires of the Ascended)

4 More Off-Meta LoR Deck Recommendations (Empires of the Ascended)

4 More Off-Meta Deck Recommendations (Empires of the Ascended)

Hello all, Precipic here with another off-meta deck guide where I go through some of the best off-meta decks from the community and compile them here.

In general, I’m trying to ensure that these decks are all good enough to climb to Masters with.

However, some might be harder than others to climb with.

1. Lulu Shen

Lulu Shen (LoR Deck)


[See Lulu Shen deck details]

The first deck here has been making some waves with the Lulu buff. Showing up on the stats it has about a 52% win rate in Diamond+.

Lulu level 1 (LoR Card)

It is an aggressively slanted midrange deck built around creating a very powerful board with support units quickly and then closing out the game super fast with rally effects such as Golden Aegis and Relentless Pursuit.

Lulu’s attack buff does best in a deck like this because the extra damage will help you close out games more quickly.

In general, with this deck, you are looking to draw a curve of units with the best curve being 1 drop on 1 into support unit on 2 into Lulu on 3 into Shen on 4 with a rally on 5 to give you a kill.

Shen level 1 (LoR card)

Other than that, just focus on keeping your big threats alive with cards like Deny, Sharpsight, and Riposte.

2. Wraptero’s Unto Dusk Endure

Wraptero’s Unto Dusk Endure (LoR Deck)

[See Wraptero’s Unto Dusk Endure deck details]

Another deck here comes from Recent seasonal top 32 player Wraptero.

It’s a really neat build of They Who Endure Aggro that utilizes some unique cards in Unto Dusk, Sejuani, and Fading Icon.

they who endure jpg

In general, this list is pretty standard, however, the tools it has really change what is possible with the list.

Unto Dusk is a very powerful card, giving you way more reach in the deck with Doombeast, or giving you a Pseudo Combat trick with Stygian Onlooker.

Unto Dusk (LoR Card)

The extra Doombeast triggers also work super well with Sejuani and might enable a level up on her which can win games by itself.

Sejuani also does a ton against midrange decks like Shen Jarvan allowing you to kill a high-impact unit for free or enabling you to completely stop one of their attacks.

Sejuani Level 1 (LoR card)

If you are a fan of this Shadow Isles aggressive style deck I think this is a very reasonable choice.

3. Rally Marauders

Rally Marauders (LoR Deck)


[See Rally Marauders deck details]

This is a very funny list. I am unsure how good it is, but it looks to abuse some very interesting synergies.

Rally effects plus units that grow on attacks like Legion Marauders and Battering Ram can push through a ton of damage very quickly.

Legion Marauder (LoR Card)

Add onto this Cataclysm which gives you even more effects that let you get attack triggers and give you a decent amount of interaction, serving as a pseudo Single Combat.

This deck also enables Whispered Words incredibly quickly which gives this deck some very real draw power.

Whispered Words (LoR reveal)

In general, when playing this deck I would look to mulligan for any of your threats such as Legion Marauder, Lucian, Leblanc, and in slower matchups even Strength in Numbers.

This deck should do pretty well into slower decks and midrange decks and struggle somewhat against aggressive strategies.

4. Teal Red’s Immortal Mother

Teal Reds Immortal Mother (LoR Deck)


[See Teal Red’s Immortal Mother deck details]

The last deck comes from my favorite deck builder in the community, Teal Red. (Check their Twitter and Twitch!)

This is a deck that looks to make an immortal large Lifesteal unit with the combination of Lamb’s Respite and Out of the Way.

Lamb's Respite (LoR Card)

Getting this combination off should pretty much beat any aggressive strategy.

Outside of that, this is mostly a grindy Targon strategy that looks to utilize a massive amount of draw to consistently play large units off of Starshaping that can kill its opponents.

Starshaping (LoR card)

It can even use Atrocity to finish out games if you still need more tools for closing out games.

In general with this deck, you should be mostly trying to mulligan so you can set up Masked Mother, Out of the Way, and Lamb’s Respite with Darkwater Scourge or Sparklefly.

Either that or just keeping Zoe in the opening hand and trying to make her immortal with Out of the Way plus Lamb’s Respite.

Zoe level 1 (LoR Card)

This deck should do super well into most aggressive and midrange strategies, however against decks with hard removal like Vengeance or answers like Hush it should struggle.

I think this is a pretty reasonable deck however because of its ability to create an unbeatable win condition vs most aggressive strategies.

Alright, that’s it for me today. I hope that everyone is having fun preparing for the seasonal if you plan on participating.

Try your best and hopefully, it goes well for you.

Anyways see you next time.


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