4 Chirean Sumpworker Decks Worth Trying Out

4 Chirean Sumpworker Decks Worth Trying Out

4 Chirean Sumpworker Deck Recommendations

The pandemic is finally just starting to lift, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get down with the sickness, or in this case down with the sump-ness.

I’m Jordan “WhatAmI” Abronson and today we’re going to be looking for the most interesting ways to utilize our grody but undeniably powerful little friend the Chirean Sumpworker.

On its own, a two-mana 1|2 is about as unimpressive as it gets, but give the little one a friend and suddenly they are devastating enemy boards and delivering game ending-ly lethal attacks.

While the sheer glass-cannon-ness of this game plan is likely to bar these decks from top-level competitive play, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some cool synergies to be explored and a great deal of fun to be had.

Chirean Slumpworker (LoR Card)

Sumpworks Posse (LoR card)

The 4 decks we’ll be covering are:

  1. Power of Friendship
  2. Sump Burn
  3. Moon Worker
  4. Frozen Sump

Hold your noses and into the sump we go!

1. Power of Friendship

Power of Friendship


[See Power of Friendship deck details]

From the top, we’re going to explore the theme of synergistically powerful cards working together.

And what could be a better way to do that than in a Give It All shell?

Give It All (LoR Card)

Sometimes you’ll go off with multiple Sumpworkers courtesy of your draw and Iterative Improvement.

But when you don’t they’ve still got your back providing your entire team Elusive to swing through.

Draven and Ballistic Bot are a timeless duo here to power up all our discard-related threats and put on some serious pressure of their own.

Draven Level 1 (LoR card)Ballistic Bot (LoR card)

And just to make sure we’ve always got them online the Biggest Fan is here to wave Draven on in.

The last dream team that makes up this ridiculous composition is Vi and Kato.

Vi Level 1 (LoR card)Kato The Arm (LoR Card)

While they both provide some impressive power on their own, stick them together and you’ll be dropping opponent’s life totals like rocks.

Round it out with a smattering of burn and removal and some Survival Skills to surprise opponents at just the right time and the brew is ready to go.

Survival Skills (LoR Card)

What makes this deck really tick is that all of the synergistic elements can also play off each other finding some crazy wins out of absolutely nowhere.

2. Sump Burn

Sump Burn (LoR Deck)


[See Sump Burn deck details]

This is what happens when we go more all-in on the idea of our Sumpworkers and it is not a pretty sight for an opponent lacking in removal.

With nine total ways to copy our rockstar here, we are going to be getting those Posses online with unreasonable consistency.

Even when we’re not if we look at the rest of the deck all of our copy spells are going to be pointed squarely at the face of our opponent.

Extra Doombeasts and Stygians are classic, but here we can even spam Boomcrew Rookie if we like.

Doombeast (LoR card)

While the champions aren’t exactly the focus Elise and Teemo are both no-nonsense early pressure that simply will not give your opponent a moment to breathe.

Elise level 1 (LoR card)Teemo Level 1 (LoR card)

And if they get answered that means less removal that can get pointed at the true stars of our show.

Even if they do stabilize basically every draw we get, it’s going to be card draw, burn, or another Elusive beater that demands an answer.

While this might not be fun to play in a meta full of Withering Wails, there are plenty of places that decks like this can shine.

3. Moon Worker

Moon Worker (LoR Deck)


[See Moon Worker deck details]

What happens when you squish two memes together really hard?

That’s right, even better memes pop out.

While Aphelios might not be at his prime anymore, what he does do insanely well is trigger Tri-beam Improbulator.

Aphelios level 1 (LoR Card)

On top of that Crescendum picked up from either Aphelios or Gifts From Beyond will always hit our Sumpworkers, again giving us a total of nine ways to get that second one we need to power up the Posse.

Crescendum (LoR Card)

This deck also gets to play a pretty powerful control in the late game with a suite of removal spells getting ready to level up Ezreal to finish things off.

With Gravitum and Calibrum both helping out Ezreal can actually get online surprisingly quickly.

Gravitum (LoR Card)

If that doesn’t work you can also always pull out the old reliable Targon standby.

Drop a Starshaping and hope that whatever ridiculously large threat falls out will be the end of your opponent.

4. Frozen Sump

Frozen Sump (LoR Deck)


[See Frozen Sump deck details]

So, your first reaction on looking at this mess of cards might well be “What in the free-falling F-rostbite is this?” And to be fair, you’d probably be right.

This is a far shot from anything trying to top the competitive ladder. Hang on with me for a minute though and we’ll look into what is trying to occur here.

The idea is that you have two glass cannon game winners that are very hard to protect, but if you can keep them alive will basically always finish things up on their own.

A leveled Jinx or a flipped Posse doesn’t need much backup to kill your opponent.

Jinx level 2 (LoR Card)

So if we tap into Freljordian combat tricks and the consistency of entreat to try to make sure we are always hitting and keeping alive one of our win conditions then we get an interesting variation on the protect the queen strategy.

Under a barrage of Jinx rockets and Posse triggers pretty much any board state is going to crumble.

Super Mega Death Rocket (LoR Card)Sumpworks Posse (LoR card)

And while they might be able to fight through our protection and stop the first or even second threat we present, we’ve got plenty more backed by the refill of Augmented Experimenter.

General Sumpworking Tips

While you do basically always want to be using your Iterative Improvements on your Sumpworkers, that’s only the default state.

iterative improvement (LoR Card)

Always be looking for opportunities to turn your opponent’s creatures back on them.

Enraged Yeti and Dunekeeper are two of my favorites, and this trick will even trigger Ezreal if you happen to be playing with that variation.

Dunekeeper (LoR Card)

Our dream is Posse victory, but always be looking for your alternate win conditions.

Whether it’s just slamming Might on Vi or charging up a Tri-beam any deck worth its salt has more than one road to victory.

might jpgTri-beam Improbulator (LoR Card)

Don’t close your eyes to the others just because the Posse is adorable.


From the testing I’ve done none of the lists, I’ve been able to come up with showcasing the Sumpworker have quite gotten to where I can call them top-level competitively viable decks.

That said, the effect is surprisingly powerful when it goes off, and can be contained in as little as a six-card package, three of which have an impressive array of other uses.

Those two effects together, and the fact that it is just an absolute blast to watch your opponent’s carefully crafted board get demolished under a wave of Posse triggers, make me think that there might be something here.

The final verdict is definitely worth continuing to look into, especially if a few more support cards manage to find their way into the next expansion.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to ask WhatAmI during his streams (around 10AM PST basically every day).

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