League of Legends Patch 9.4 Tier List for Climbing Solo Queue

League of Legends Patch 9.4 Tier List for Climbing Solo Queue

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Welcome to the Mobalytics Predictive Tier List for League of Legends for Patch 9.4!

This list was curated by our high-ELO experts: our Challenger Coach, Adam “Morïarty” Isles, Hewitt “prohibit” Benson, and Kellen “Exil” Pontius. Unlike most tier lists, we publish ours before, or as a patch goes live, so keep in mind that these are predictions.

For your reference, here are the Patch 9.4 notes.

Feel free to ask us any questions about our LoL tier list and its process in our Discord!

If you’re not looking for a specific champion and want to just learn about the patch, check out our League 9.4 Patch Notes Breakdown!

The Format and Methodology 

If you’re wondering how we make our tier list, check out our video explanation!

We have two tier lists, one for the general ranked population and another meant for high-ELO. The line between these two lists isn’t black and white and it depends on a player on their champion pool, but for the most part, we recommend that you use the general tier list and its champions for as long as you can. Once these champions stop working, usually around high-Plat or low Diamond, you can consider the high-ELO tier list. The ultimate goal of our list is to give the optimal recommendations for what we think will help you best climb in solo queue for a specific patch.

Our difficulty system refers to “Skill Floor”.  Let’s say you’re debating between learning and climbing with Jax (A-tier | Simple) or Rengar (A-tier | Severe) – you’re going to want to go with Jax. Why? This is because Jax has a lower skill floor and would require less games to play at an A-Tier level in solo queue. If you tried to pick up Rengar, you wouldn’t get the full value of A-tier until after about 15 matches of practice whereas with Jax, you would get that full 15 every time you play him.

For example, let’s look at Nidalee (S-tier | Intense) vs Xin Zhao (B-Tier | Simple). Let’s say you’re about to play promos and your main champion is banned but you have Nidalee and Xin available. Even though Nidalee is ranked as higher, you’d be better off choosing Xin because you don’t have the experience necessary to use Nidalee to her potential and you can get more value out of using Xin because he’s easier to execute.

That being said, if you have time to invest and practice, higher skill floor champions will scale better as time goes on. Severe champs will outperform Simple champs in the long run because Simple champs generally have more weaknesses to exploit and expose at high-ELO.

So if your question is, “How long until I’ll start seeing results?”, the answer would be harder = longer time, easier = shorter time. If your question is. “Will this champion still be strong as I climb in ranks?”, the answer would be harder = moreso, easier = less so.

Disclaimer #1: If a champion isn’t on our Tier List, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t climb with them. You’ll just have to put in more effort to get similar results as our Optimal, Great, and Good choices for climbing.

Disclaimer #2: This list is meant to evaluate the champions that we believe are best for climbing Solo Queue. Although there can certainly be some overlap, we are NOT looking to name the champions that are the best in pro-play or organized, competitive 5 on 5. This is why champs that require a ton of team coordination such as Ryze, may not be included or ranked highly.

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The new Conqueror is here! Let’s see how the meta shakes out

Tier List 9.4 final

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Expert picks

Cassiopeia –  (Midbeast)

“My pick of the patch is going to be Cassio, I think definitely the new Conqueror will be the optimal rune choice for mages such as Cassio and Azir right now. This would be my ideal set up. The meta right now is probably the most open it’s been in a long time, we will likely being seeing Zed picked more often with Lissandra still being the essential counter-pick to the return of these assassins.

Assasins like Zoe/LeBlanc/Talon will still be very strong picks this patch as the early dominance you can have in lane and the early priority to contest Scuttle for your jungler is important as ever because right now, if you can get your jungler ahead and let them deny camps, the enemy jungler will be in a very weak state with the way experience is being dished out in the jungle.”

Kled – Top (Kellen – “Exil”)

“Kled is a champion that is surprisingly good and has been for a while. He was good with the pre-rework version of Conqueror but may be even better this time with the new Conqueror. This is because he stacks it up very quickly with his W auto-attack speed, meaning that he can, more often than not, be able to outtrade by getting to 5 stacks faster than his opponent. Conqueror vs Conqueror champions top lane, Kled more often than not will win.

On top of that, his great laning phase transitions to great roams and maybe even better teamfights. His ultimate is one of the best tools in the entire game and is great for carrying solo queue games. So that being said, mount up your Skarl and charge into the rift with Kled.

Kayn – Jungle (Adam – “Moriarty”)

“With the increase of tanks in the game, red Kayn has been growing in strength. However, with a poor early game, sometimes he just couldn’t cut it in solo queue, especially with a lack of keystone to really make the champion shine. With the addition of the new Conqueror, Kayn finally has a keystone that makes both his early and late game much stronger. Due to this and the increase in tank junglers, I forsee Kayn being a very good pickup.

Kai’Sa – ADC (Hewitt – “prohibit”)

“Kai’Sa’s win rate suggests that she’s not doing so well, but her results have been heavily influenced by players incorrectly buying Stormrazor first. Switch your build to Infinity Edge, Rageblade, and Hurricane into crit, and you’ll start seeing much better results. The Rageblade into Nashor’s build is still okay but with assassins and burst damage slowly phasing out, you don’t need the defensive flexibility of buying items like Zhonya’s anymore.”

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High-ELO Tier List and Commentary

High ELO Tier List 9.4 final

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As always, we welcome all discussion and feedback. If you have any questions about picks that we didn’t expand on or would like to let us know how you feel about Patch 9.4 and our predictions in general, join us in our Discord! If you’re wondering how we make our tier list, check out our video explanation.

  • Eric

    What happened to Kassadin in the mid lane for low elo? I know he got nerfed and he hasn’t felt as strong when I play him, but I thought he would still be at least B Tier, if not A Tier.

    • Caleb Gardner

      I’m a long time Kassadin player, and I honestly think hes fairly weak right now because those nerfs and the fact that AD champs with conqueror out damage him through all stages of the game and can bully him super hard in lane early. He is still good late game when you have the mana and AP to be effective with your ulti. But until about level 11 and having 2-3 full items + boots hes pretty useless. Of course that has always been the case but the problem is that he is now WAY outmatched in the early and not better ENOUGH than those same champs in the late.

  • Pipo Argenti

    Can someone explain to me why is sona tier 1?

    • Masticarno

      with the slow phasing out of assassins in the meta, along with the overall lowering of damage in the game, Sona’s lane sustain and strong late game teamfight are outstanding. or at least that’s what i think, I could be wrong

  • x U l t r a

    I really don’t understand how Rengar is top tier in top lane.

    • eoq

      New conqueror rune

  • apod mo

    can we possibly see zed s tier in the future
    and what about going zed with hells of blade thats really good keystone makes the champ so op

    • Caonabo Rafael Cruz

      It’s possible, but there has always been assassins that are more effective than zed.

  • Mark Emad

    yi is op this patch i wonder why he isn’t s tier at least in low ELO

    • iran santana

      Master Master Master Master its done

    • Caonabo Rafael Cruz

      He can be frustrating to deal with, but you focus your cc on him and he’s done.

  • Bo Ko

    They failed to realise the power of new Conq, i would deem this tier list totally irrelevant for most lanes

    • Caleb Gardner

      On the contrary, I think they placed a lot of weight in the Conqueror rune but didn’t over emphasize it, for instance, I have been playing mostly not conqueror based champs this patch to great success but the few ones the placed on their lists because conqueror makes them strong have also been really tough to fight against, but not unbeatable. An example of this is Rengar top which is crazy strong right now because conqueror but not OP.

      • Bo Ko

        I made this comment before they hotfixed Conqueror when Cassio etc was insane 🙂

  • Rosario Monetti

    What i like is that under every list you find poeple saying “i disagee with this shit” but you continue to come back.

  • Badr Franko Hatem

    will ur services be all time free and when will beta end?

  • Gus

    Hey Mobalytics! I love the content. One quick question, when you say High Elo, what ranks are you referring to (Plat+, Dia+, etc)?

    • thestoebz


      • Arjin Eminoğlu

        Add dia too

  • Ichirin Kumoi

    Why is Teemo high up in the rank? Is he able to utilize Conqueror or the usual build?

    • Caonabo Rafael Cruz

      Tanks are coming back into meta, and teemo shits on them in lane.

  • wtf w

    why is wukong good in low ELO? I tried many times but it was unstable
    (im iron 3)

    • TMP10 NOVA

      Wukong has great assassin and teamfight potential making him a great pick for Solo Q, and in lower elos, players are not as equipped to deal with assassins, Also that you are Iron 3, you have many things to learn before you should assume he is weak, Try him Mid, and look up some guides on items and runes.

      • wtf w

        well I’m pretty bad at lane phase, but I think vel’coz is easier choice to climb.
        Wukong occasionally buys tiamat and needs auto cancel mechanics. Also optimal damage trade is too difficult for ironman.
        Though I recognize his potencial is so high, from real low elo player’s point of view, the difficulty is should be changed.

        • dragotube 57

          optimal trading is soo easy with wukong, use ur gap close then auto into empowered auto then use ur invisibility to run away and not take any damage. this proks electrocute and basically lets you take no damage.

          • wtf w

            So it seems that I was monkey rather than the champ I was using

        • Caonabo Rafael Cruz

          You have to consider that everything from Iron to gold is considered low elo and if you ask some people, so is plat.

    • Caonabo Rafael Cruz

      If you are stuck in Iron you should try focusing on getting better on basic skills before you base your ability to climb on a champions viability. Learn to cs better, when to trade in lane, when to roam, wave manipulation, etc. When U have become proficient at these, then focus on learning your champ top to bottom. A tip from a veteran…. for now, don’t look at tier lists, instead focus on learning a small champion pool that you can consistently perform with. If you keep jumping from champ to champ according to the meta when you don’t know how to play these champs well, you are never going to climb. A friend of mine is trash, but he played so much MF, that he made it to gold.

      • wtf w

        Yeah your advice is true, I sometimes try to do what I cannot do, and feed.
        I will focus to master lux, which is 55% winrate already.

  • Helga

    Why Nunu is 1 tier now? Can someone explain that please?? Im main nunu thank you

    • Arjin Eminoğlu

      I’m playing nunu in master mmr. It’s all about clear speed , pressure on objektives (better smite option with q and demolish for tower and plates with attack speed passive) and also he can take scuttler without smite and double cc.

      Max q and take aftershock with full tank hp build
      [ knights vow(protect feed team member and against ad enemy),

      Spirit visage (ap enemy and more healing capacity) ,

      Randuin (crit + attackspeed enemies [Yasuo , kindred, try or feed adc)
      and become an immortal.

      For gank tips, always look for a cc lanes (specially lissandra , camille , thresh) and charge your w before gank meanwhile choose the no warded way. If you get enough drifting skills you can gank from red buff to bot or just lane gank ,next to the first tower.

  • Caonabo Rafael Cruz

    Where is Leblanc? Does she really not deserve a spot in the mid tier list?