League of Legends Patch 7.14 Tier List for Climbing Solo Queue

League of Legends Patch 7.14 Tier List for Climbing Solo Queue

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Welcome to the Mobalytics Predictive Tier List for League of Legends!

This list was curated in collaboration with our analyst, Hewitt “prohibit” Benson, and our Challenger Coach, Adam “Moriarty” Isles. Unlike most tier lists, we’re publishing ours preemptively (before the patch goes live), according to the predictions of our in-house experts.

Here are the Patch 7.14 notes for reference.

The Format and Methodology
Our tier list is ranked by what we believe are the best champions for climbing Solo Queue in Patch 7.13. They will be ranked as Optimal (S-tier), Great (A-tier), or Good (B-tier) by their overall climbing potential and as Intense, Hard (a new addition), Moderate, or Simple according to the difficulty of utilizing their moveset’s mechanics to the highest level.

If you’re a skillful player with the time to learn an Optimal champion with Intense mechanics, we believe you’ll be able to make great strides in climbing. If you’re a lower level player that wants to climb but has less time to learn the intricacies of a complex champion, it may be a better option to choose a Great or Good champion with Simple mechanics.

To categorize these champions, we considered factors such as buffs and nerfs, overall meta shifts, and item changes. We also looked at champion win rates from Lolalytics and considered our own in-game experiences in high-elo Solo Queue.

A quick disclaimer: If a champion isn’t on our Tier List, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t climb with them. You’ll just have to put in more effort to get similar results as our Optimal, Great, and Good choices for climbing.

Without further adieu…

Mobalytics Tier List 7.14

Key commentary


  • Alistar will be a rising Great choice due to the continued absence of poke Supports in the meta and the increasing popularity of tank items like Righteous Glory and Lock of the Iron Solari. We like Alistar’s potential for carrying in Solo Queue due to his playmaking engage and CC.


  • Tristana is becoming an Optimal choice for ADC’s because her two tough matchups will rarely be seen (Draven usually banned and Caitlyn getting nerfed). Her flexible item path (rushing either Blade of the Ruined King or Crit) will make her more resilient to the new Thornmail since she can choose to have access to early life steal.


  • Zed is improving from Good to Great this patch due to the new Lethality changes (specifically Duskblade and Edge of Night). The changes will make it easier and more rewarding for him to snowball. Have a look at our our Coach’s Corner on the Dignitas blog for a more in-depth explanation.


  • The purple predator will be leaping from Great to Optimal for reasons similar to Zed’s rise – he’s one of our top three choices for Jungle this patch.


  • Nunu was Great last patch but higher elo players have really figured him out (his win rate has seen a 10% increase in the last month), so we’re placing him as Optimal for 7.14. His overall synergy with tank items, the new Thornmail, and the rise of auto-attack ADCs has given him a strong position in the meta.


  • Jungle – The giant tree is making an appearance in his natural habitat as a Great pick on our list. In previous patches, Maokai suffered from his poor ganking ability and clear time. The changes to Righteous Glory and Cinderhulk have solved these problems.
  • Top – Quality of life changes to his ult combined with strong itemization choices will bring Maokai back to Top lane as a Good choice. The new Abyssal Mask is especially impactful in helping Mao transition from laning phase to the team fight phase in a good shape (something he struggled with before). He will now have the flexibility to stand toe to toe with AP and AD foes alike.
  • Support – Mao fits in with the tanky engage Supports that have found a strong place in the meta. His laning phase is especially formidable because of his bush control and CC potential, and he doesn’t fall off in the late game due to his ability to peel.


  • If you’ve been paying attention to recent pro-play, you’ll know that MikeYeung has been doing incredibly well with Nidalee and putting her back on the competitive radar. Nidalee’s build versatility allows her to itemize against every team composition and her heal allows her to synergize well with the auto-attack ADC’s that will be prevalent in 7.14’s meta.


  • Cho’gath will be in a Good place for climbing Solo Queue in 7.14 due to buffs to his kit and itemization. The new Abyssal Mask in combination with items like Gargoyle Stone Plate synergize very well with Cho’s ability set. His new E’s slow will make his Rupture easier to land and thus, make his laning phase more reliable.

On the decline


  • Before 7.14, Fiora was able to dive tanks under tower, kill them, and leave with full health due to life steal and healing from her ult. With the new Thornmail and nerfs to her ultimate, Fiora will still be able to 1v1 champions but will be in a much worse position at the end of the fight. As a result of her overall weaker team fighting impact, we’re downgrading her from Optimal to Great.


  • Cait is falling out off our list due to her nerfs (she literally lost 34% of her attack speed at max level). Now, if you don’t abuse her laning phase, she scales much worse into the late game. Her increased reliance on teamwork around traps and sieging make her less viable as a Solo Queue climber.

As always, we welcome all discussion and feedback. If you have any questions about picks that we didn’t expand on or would like to let us know how you feel about Patch 7.14 and our predictions in general, join us in our Discord!

  • Anoniempje

    Why are Jarvan, Tryndamere and Singed not on the list.

    • Moriarty

      This is mostly done to predict things as the patch hits so for Jarvan we figured would fall down in priority, Trynd is someone I’ve been thinking about for a bit and if he maintains his strength past the Thornmail changes he will be added as well. Singed was an oversight did not expect his numbers to be that out of line, he did have to get hotfixed so we will keep an eye on him for the next one :).

  • Jon Smith

    Why is ASol put under “easy to play” champions? He is arguably much harder than any mid laner out there at the moment

    • Rheska

      I was thinking the same thing. Maybe it’s because his abilities are mechanically simple to pull off? But his kit is so different from anything in the game, and the mindset it takes to play him is very different form other champions. So maybe the mechanics or ‘button presses’ aren’t difficult but the meta knowledge is where people probably find difficulty with the champion? I don’t know.

      That aside. I just discovered this tier list and I think it’s really great. Way faster and more accurate than other sites.

    • Moriarty

      So the easy play section is based on mechanical skill on the champion not the knowledge on how to play him. For example Twisted Fate who is my beloved main is in my opinion an extremely hard champion to play due to the game knowledge required but his kit itself is fairly easy to execute mechanically, the same can be said of ASol none of his abilities are hard to use, land or understand it’s uses. That is the reason he is considered easy to play despite having a learning curve just like TF.

  • Ruben Ardelean

    No Singed???Really?

    • Moriarty

      Singed was an oversight as his numbers ended up being extremely overturned, though he did get hotfixed if he maintains his winrate he will be added to the next one.