How to Get Drang in Destiny 2 – Drang God Rolls for PvE and PvP

How to Get Drang in Destiny 2 – Drang God Rolls for PvE and PvP

How to Get Drang in Destiny 2 – Austringer God Rolls for PvE and PvP

Drang doesn’t get the same attention as the other Opulent Weapons, but it has a place in both PvE and PvP.

Just like SMGs, Sidearms are in a good spot in PvP because of the shotgun nerfs as they fill in the short-range role very well.

Drang is a 300 RPM solar Together Forever sidearm that has solid stats and a very good perk pool.

We also have guides on how to get Austringer, Beloved, and CALUS Mini-Tool.

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How to Get Drang in Season of the Haunted

There are a few options to get Drang in Season of the Haunted. Getting this weapon to drop is one thing, but getting red frame Deepsight Resonance Weapon drops is the key.

The gist of grinding this weapon is to level up the Crown of Sorrow, complete seasonal challenges, perform the seasonal quest, and open chests in the Leviathan. Leveling up the Crown of Sorrow is the best way to control what weapons drop, and making sure they are red frames.

To upgrade the Crown of Sorrow, Figments of Darkness are used. Figments of Darkness are acquired through the weekly seasonal quest, a weekly seasonal challenge, and gaining reputation at the Crown of Sorrow via bounties, opening chests, and completing public events on the Leviathan.

The upgrades you should focus on are: Opulent Deepsight (3rd upgrade on the Channeling Tree), Focusing Deepsight (5th upgrade on the Channeling Tree), and Opulent Weapon Focusing (3rd upgrade on the Manifesting Tree).

I recommend leveling up the Manifesting Tree until the 3rd level to unlock Opulent Weapon Focusing, and then level up the Channeling Tree to unlock the Deepsight upgrades. Once Opulent Weapon Focusing is unlocked, use umbral engrams to roll for your desired Opulent Weapon using Opulent Umbral Energy from the Containment public event and Leviathan.

Then when the Channeling Tree is upgraded you will get red frame weapons guaranteed once per week from your first Opulent Chest opening and first focused weapon.

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Opulent Keys are another means of getting red frame weapons. The best way to get these is through opening the final chest from world events in the Pleasure Gardens and Royal Pools on the Leviathan.

These world events are much faster than the Containment public event. You can only hold 1 Opulent Key, so be sure to use it by finding the chest listed on the description of the Opulent Key in your inventory.

How to Unlock Drang Pattern and Craft It

5 is the magic number here. To unlock crafting for the Drang you need to complete 5 red frame Deepsight Resonance versions of Drang.

Once that is complete you need to level up a crafted version of the weapon to unlock all of the perks that it can roll with, including enhanced perks.

We are going to go over all of the available perks on the Drang; here are the available perks for the Drang:

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Drang PvE God Roll

  • Barrel Option
    • Corkscrew Rifling – Gives +5 to Stability, Handling, and Range
    • Fluted Barrel – Gives +5 to Stability and +15 to Handling
  • Magazine Option
    • Appended Mag – Gives +4 to Magazine Size
    • Tactical Mag – Gives +3 to Magazine Size, +10 to Reload Speed, and +5 to Stability
  • Perk Column 1
    • Wellspring – Grants 8% ability energy split evenly amongst uncharged abilities
    • Disruption Break – Increases kinetic damage to an enemy by 50% for 5.5 seconds after breaking its elemental or barrier shield.
  • Perk Column 2
    • Incandescent – Kills apply 30 scorch to nearby enemies
    • Swashbuckler – Increases damage from kills with the weapon or melees. Stacks up to 5, and a melee kill automatically gives 5 stacks.

Like usual Magazine size and stats are the focus of Barrels and Magazines, nothing new here. The perks are interesting on this weapon.

Wellspring is good for giving abilities back and Disruption Break is good, but situational for nightfalls with a lot of elemental and barrier shields. Column 2 has 2 very good options in Incandescent and Swashbuckler.

As we discussed under the Mini-Tool, Incandescent is a fantastic way to keep your class ability up through applying scorch and use of the Ember of Singeing. Swashbuckler also synergizes well with Solar 3.0, especially the Hunter and Titan who can use a powered melee over and over.

With this perk, a melee kill activates Swashbuckler for a 33% damage bonus and Ember of Torches’ radiant buff for an extra 25% damage bonus, giving a total of 67% damage bonus to your sidearm.

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Drang PvP God Roll

  • Barrel Option
    • Hammer-Forged Rifling – Gives +10 to Range
    • Smallbore – Gives +7 to Stability and Range
  • Magazine Option
    • Accurized Rounds – Gives +10 to Range
    • Tactical Mag – Gives +3 to Magazine Size, +10 to Reload Speed, and +5 to Stability
  • Perk Column 1
    • Eye of the Storm – Boosts Handling and Accuracy as health gets lower
    • Moving Target – Grants 10 aim assist and 3% movement penalty reduction when ADS and strafing
  • Perk Column 2
    • Zen Moment – Stacks stability stats with weapon hits
    • Swashbuckler – Increases damage from kills with the weapon or melees. Stacks up to 5, and a melee kill automatically gives 5 stacks.

Drang is a solid PvP, especially on a controller input. Sidearms are good in air and Drang has a 0.6 second time to kill. You’ll want to boost Range and Stability to push out its effective range through the Barrel and Magazine options.

Perk 1 has 2 good dueling options in Eye of the Storm and Moving Target. If playing in air Eye of the Storm is a good option to finish out a fight with extra accuracy when low health. For column 2, Zen Moment helps with stability and makes Drang feel like a laser when in proper range.

Swashbuckler is a better option than Rampage because of the max stack bonus from a melee kill which is far more likely to happen in PvP than 3 straight kills and the bonus damage lasts a second longer for Swashbuckler.

Wrap Up

Get farming! Sidearms are definitely worth a try in the current meta, and Drang has the perks to be good with Solar subclasses.

Thanks for reading! Don’t miss our other Destiny 2 weapon guides.