How to Get Planck’s Stride in Destiny 2 – Planck’s Stride God Rolls for PvE and PvP

How to Get Planck’s Stride in Destiny 2 – Planck’s Stride God Rolls for PvE and PvP

How to Get Planck’s Stride in Destiny 2 – Planck’s Stride God Rolls for PvE and PvP

Ahoy, welcome to Season 18! With the new season, there are 6 new seasonal weapons, known as Plunder Weapons, to chase after.

All Plunder Weapons are craftable and come with new perks and solid stats.

This article will focus on Planck’s Stride, the Arc 900 RPM Rapid-Fire Frame Machine Gun.

How to get Planck's Stride in Destiny 2 - Planck's Stride God Rolls for PvE and PvP 1

This weapon is the equivalent of the meme: “Me: Mom, can we have Thunderlord?… Mom: We have Thunderlord at home”.

There are upsides though! On the bright side, this weapon does not use an exotic slot, has good perks that synergize with melees, and is Arc to pair with Arc 3.0.

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How to Get Planck’s Stride in Season 18

Like seasons prior, seasonal weapons are obtainable through random drops and via focusing umbral engrams. Acquiring the weapon is one thing, but collecting red frame weapons for crafting is another. You will need 5 red frame weapons in order to craft a Plunder Weapon.

To increase your chances and even guarantee red frame weapon drops, you will need to use the Star Chart in the HELM. This is the seasonal upgrade path which will give bonuses to the seasonal activity and allow you to curate your loot. Plunder Weapons can be purchased from the Star Chart using 12 Plundered Umbral Energy, Legendary Shards, and an Umbral Engram.

How to get Planck's Stride in Destiny 2 - Planck's Stride God Rolls for PvE and PvP 2
The Star Chart is upgraded using Repute, which is acquired via Seasonal Challenges and through steps of the seasonal quests, Sails of the Shipstealer. Unlike prior seasons, the Star Chart has more freedom in its upgrade path, and an upgrade does not require all of the prior upgrades in the same row.

For instance, if you upgrade the 1st level of the Swashbuckler row, you can use your next Repute for the second upgrade on the Quartermaster row even if you do not have level one. The upgrade path is divided into 3 rows: Quartermaster, Navigation, and Swashbuckler.

How to get Planck's Stride in Destiny 2 - Planck's Stride God Rolls for PvE and PvP 3

It is recommended to unlock in this order:

  1. Level 1 of the Navigator row.
  2. Level 2 of the Swashbuckler row.
  3. Level 3 of the Navigator row for the Weapon Treasure Map upgrade, allowing you to create a treasure map specifically for Plunder Weapons in the expedition activity.
  4. Level 3 of the Quartermaster row to unlock Focused Weapon Spoils in order to be able to use your Plundered Umbral Energy for a chance at red frame weapons. This bit is recommended second, as waiting is beneficial because you can save up your umbral energy and this will give you time to unlock the weapon you desire to directly purchase it for a chance at a red frame drop.
  5. Any upgrade in Level 4 that you prefer so you can unlock the Level 5 upgrades.
  6. Level 5 of the Swashbuckler row Hidden Compartment upgrade gives a guaranteed red frame drop once per week from the Ketcrash activity as well as upgrades that increase the odds for a Plunder Weapon drop from Ketcrash.

The last source of red frame weapons is from the Treasure Beacons, obtained through reputation gains at the Star Chart. These beacons will give an easy-to-follow quest that will ultimately end in you getting a red frame weapon. Earn these quickly by upgrading your star chart with bounties acquired from the Star Chart.

How to Unlock Planck’s Stride Pattern and Craft It

As mentioned before, 5 red frame weapon drops are needed to be completed in order to craft this weapon. Once that is complete you need to level up a crafted version of the weapon to unlock all of the perks that it can roll with, including enhanced perks.

Next, we will go over the best perks for Planck’s Stride in both PvE and PvP; here are the available perks for Planck’s Stride:

How to get Planck's Stride in Destiny 2 - Planck's Stride God Rolls for PvE and PvP 4
Planck’s Stride PvE God Roll

Barrel Option

  • Corkscrew Rifling – Gives +5 to Handling, Range, and Stability
  • Arrowhead Brake – Gives +30 to Recoil Direction and +10 to Handling

Magazine Option

  • Appended Mag – Gives +14 to Magazine Size

Perk Column 1

  • Mulligan – Missed shots have a 20% chance of being refunded
  • Grave Robber – Weapon kills refill the magazine

Perk Column 2

  • Swashbuckler – Increases damage from kills with the weapon or melees. Stacks up to 5, and a melee kill automatically gives 5 stacks

Barrel options are rather non-impactful on Machine Guns. Arrowhead Brake is an interesting option due to its generous bonus to Recoil Direction which these weapons suffer in.

For the Magazine option, it is more or less a one-horse race with Appended Mag due to the generous bonus in Magazine Size you gain. Perk column one is between two uptime perks, Mulligan which can give back ammo to you which is a good perk if this weapon is being used to clear lower health targets as you will miss shots.

But against bosses where you should be hitting nearly all of your shots, Mulligan will get nearly no value. Grave Robber is the other option here and circumvents an entire reload which is fantastic for Machine Guns.

This perk also pairs very well with Swashbuckler, the clear option for the final column. Grave Robber and Swashbuckler in tandem fully reload your weapon and boosts your damage by 33% on a melee kill.

Planck’s Stride PvP God Roll

Barrel Option

  • Arrowhead Brake – Gives +30 to Recoil Direction and +10 to Handling
  • Smallbore – Gives +7 to Stability and Range

Magazine Option

  • Accurized Rounds – Gives +10 to Range

Perk Column 1

  • Heating Up – On a weapon kill, Weapon Accuracy Cone is increased by 15%, +15 Stability, +20 Recoil Direction
  • Killing Wind – On a kill, gives +20 Range, +50 Mobility, +40 Handling, and a 5% increase in damage falloff distance
  • Perpetual Motion – Grants Stability, Handling, and Reload Speed while in motion

Perk Column 2

  • Tap the Trigger – Immediately upon firing, gain +40 Stability, -50% max recoil kick, and a 10% improved accuracy cone

For PvP playing with a Machine Gun revolves around getting the most value out of your shots by ensuring they land. This is why we prioritize stats to make the weapon easier to use.

Column one features 3 perks that are for ease of use. Killing Wind and Heating Up give stronger bonuses, but require a kill.

Meanwhile, Perpetual Motion is easier to take advantage of as it does not and is active simply from moving. Tap the Trigger is the choice for the second column as it gives a very large stat bonus which improves accuracy, stability, and recoil for 0.6 seconds which is roughly the time to kill for this weapon.

This perk immensely helps land your first few shots in a fight to ensure a quick kill.

Warp Up

Unfortunately, there are no direct means of getting red-framed weapons like there was last season, but there are more ways to get weapon drops in general.

Getting a crafted weapon is great, but keep an eye on the perks you get from random drops as you might get lucky with the perks and be on the same level as a fully crafted weapon with much less of a grind.

With this guide, we hope you now know how to get Planck’s Stride god rolls. Good luck with your grind and chasing your plunder!

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