Teamfight Tactics: Best TFT Team Comps (Patch 10.4)

Teamfight Tactics: Best TFT Team Comps (Patch 10.4)

My name is Ace of Spades and I am a top 10 Challenger on EU and NA, and I will spend time on the PBE before every patch to make sure I get you ahead of the game.

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With an entirely new cast of champions and abilities, we’ve spent a good amount of time on the PBE playtesting and figuring out what seems to be good. If you’re brand new to Set 2, be sure to check out our new mechanics and synergies guide.

UPDATED (Patch 10.4): 

Patch 10.3 started out as a ranger infested meta with nearly half of the lobby forcing rangers. For a good week or so, rangers remained one of the best builds in the game, but the meta adapted quickly by focusing on 3 cost carries like Kindred and Azir.

As inferno, shadow, and summoner comps became more popular, the meta sped up and punished ranger players who forced too hard and lost too much health early game.

Even with the nerfs to ranger comps, the completed end game comp is still one of the strongest in the game, but it may not be consistent enough to stay in S tier for long. Many comps are fighting for higher spots, so here’s what we have for now.

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We evaluate compositions based on 3 key factors:

  • Consistency: How well does this comp perform from game to game and how reliably can you build towards it given a reasonable start?
  • Overall strength: If you do successfully complete the comp, how does it match up against other comps, especially those most prevalent in the meta?
  • Flexibility: Can you make tweaks and adjustments to the comp while events unfold differently in game? These events include item luck, roll luck, and enemy units.

The combination of these three factors allows us to define team compositions as S, A, or B. The ones that have all three will lean toward S, those that are pretty good but may be lacking in some areas will lean towards B.

This article discusses the main concept for every team comp and their status in the meta. For recommended items, gameplan for the game phases, and tips and tricks, just hit the [How to Play] button to head to our TFT team comps feature.

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Best TFT Comps for Patch 10.4

Sums Sins: S-tier

Sum Sins

Sum Sins has completely revived as Azir is now an extremely powerful midgame carry. It also performs decently well against rangers by targeting the backline. The Azir nerfs hurt, but this build is definitely a top contender.

Team comp description:

Sum Sins has been a staple comp of set 2 almost never completely dying out. There are so many variations to the comp, and it transitions very similarly to other comp such as Blender Azir or Sivir’s Hurricane (old comp). As such, players can have a hard time mastering the ins and outs of this build, but it can pay off very well once you do. For our formation, we simply have added in mystic as possible 7th and 8th units.

[How to play Sum Sins]

When to make:

This comp can work with almost any early game, as it revolves around powerful 3 and 4 cost units. If you are able to find Azir or Qiyana early and upgraded, you can transition into the late game easily with them as your carry.

Poison Rangers: S-tier

Poison Rangers updated

One of the strongest comps in patch 10.2, rangers were basically untouched by the patch and did not rely on spatula. Those two factors will lead many players to play rangers before more theory crafting is done on the patch.

Team comp description:

Ranger comps have seen a lot of different builds over the time, with either Statikk Shiv Ashe or Crit Twitch, but rangers players will make the most out of finding a good balance between both.

[How to play Poison Rangers]

When to make:

Rangers are quite item dependent, so only try to make this build if you can make early Statikk Shivs, or have good crit items for Twitch later.

AntiMeta Yasuo: A-tier

Antimeta Yasuo

Also known as “Yasuo and Friends,” this build mainly tries to assassinate the enemies carry with Yasuo. While it can be inconsistent, it does have an interesting role in the meta utilizing a strong 2 cost carry.

Team comp description:

This comp rose to popularity as Riot Mortdog himself tweeted a game where his Yasuo carry beat out ranger players. This is due to Yasuo targeting the champion with the most items, making him an anti meta carry built to assassinate the enemy carries.

Be careful with this comp as since Yasuo targets the champion with the most items, players can counter this comp with this knowledge. Elemental hexes count as an item, so a frontline unit with two items and a hex can tank your Yasuo ultimate.

[How to play AntiMeta Yasuo]

When to make:

This comp does not require too many core items, but Infinity Edge on Yasuo will be crucial to oneshotting carries. If you have the items to make Blade of the Ruined King, you can also swap out Aatrox for Azir or Kha’Zix for Desert, making this comp even stronger.

Malphon Brando: A-tier

Malphon Brando updated

Without a reliable Spatula, Malphon Brando has reverted back to its 3 mage variant that can perform fairly well, but won’t become a late game monster with 6 mages. However, with the possibility of a spatula drop, this comp can still snowball into a late game monster.

Team comp description:

Compared to 6 mages, 3 mage comps are much more reliable and Brand is the natural carry for any 3 mage build. Using 3 mages also allows you to use transition units to hold items for Brand.

[How to play Malphon Brando]

When to make:

The comp can transition quite easily, but Brand requires lots of Needlessly Large Rods to become a potent late game carry. Starting out with early ocean and inferno units will also helps ease the transition.

Behold the Light: A-tier

Behold the Light updated

Light has essentially disappeared from last patch, as it was too slow and too punishing for players to force. With the Lucian and Senna buffs, we expect the build to get stronger, but we’re unsure how much stronger it really is.

Team comp description:

6 Light has risen to have many different variations revolving around the strong synergy. Lucian, Yorick, Vayne are all competent carries for this comp. This allows for somewhat higher flexibility, but the comp still requires very specific units.

[How to play Behold the Light]

When to make:

When you get an early Guardian Angel or find lots of early light units. If you find an early Spatula, you can also force lights and play with Azir carry.

6 Inferno: A-tier

6 Inferno

6 Inferno comps are interesting as they don’t rely on many offensive items to deal damage. There are many flexible variants like Inferno Sion or Singed that allow this comp to thrive. It plays very similarly to 6 Shadow which revolves around Kindred. The flexibility of these two comps give it much better consistency.

Team comp description:

6 Inferno became largely popularized in patch 9.24B, and has stuck around a solid option when you find many defensive items. 6 Inferno will do immense damage over team, so finding lots of defensive items will ensure your team stays alive long enough for the enemy to burn.

[How to play 6 Inferno]

When to make:

When you find a lot of defensive items, or are able to find early Inferno units such as Kindred or Zyra.

Shadow Summoners: A-tier

Shadow Summoners team comp

Shadow Summoners is the midgame comp of 6 Shadow and 6 Inferno. Depending on what items you get and what units you get late game, you can pivot into 6 Shadow or 6 Inferno, or stick with Kindred carry if you can 3 star her.

Team comp description:

3 shadow comp that uses Kindred for maximum damage output, may lose out to late game teams unless you find 3 star units. Summoners, inferno, and ranger are all used to beef up your Kindred who is the main carry.

[How to play Shadow Summoners]

When to make:

Kindred needs both Seraph’s Embrace and Rabadon, don’t play this comp if you don’t start with good items for it. Having many tears is a good indicator that you can winstreak with Seraph’s or Shojin for Malzahar.

6 Shadow: A-tier

6 shadow

6 Shadow became popular toward the end of patch 10.3, and with no real nerfs to the comp, it will definitely remain a strong contender for both the mid and late game.

Team comp description:

6 Shadow has become a late innovation to set 2. Master Yi has received many buffs over time, and players are taking full advantage of his late game carry potential. By building Kindred attack damage based, you can win streak mid game and transfer items to Master Yi in the late game.

[How to play 6 Shadow]

When to make:

If you find a solid start of shadow units, or you are able to get lots of gold from creeps to eco up a lot of gold by 3-2. After rolling down, you can stabilize with Kindred as your carry as you level to 8 to find the rest of your units.

Rainbow Rush: B-tier

Rainbow rush updated

Rainbow Rush can only thrive in a meta where the speed is slow and greedy. With players opting to roll for Kindreds and Azirs, this comp won’t be able to keep up.

Team comp description:

This comp is similar to many previous comps that utilize good starts to transition into powerful late game teams. This comp seeks to utilize the high value abilities of late game wardens combined with mystic to protect your main carry in Lux. With such an emphasis on late game units, this comp can be quite difficult to force unless you have a good understanding of items and units to carry you through the early and midgame.

[How to Play Rainbow Rush]

When to make:

This comp is quite difficult to force as it relies on many late game units, but in general, if you have a good start and can make a lot of gold without losing health, you can look to try and build a Lux based comp. When you rush to level 8, you should have a backup plan like looking for Singed or Zed, but if you find a good Lux, that’s the time to commit to this comp.

Slam Berserkers: B-tier

updated Slam Berserkers

6 Berserker builds haven’t seen much play due to having an unfavorable matchup against ranger comps and strong warden front lines. With the small Olaf buffs, this comp may see some more play, but it may not be able to make it into the top tiers anymore.

Team comp description:

This comp makes use of the added 25 AD to all berserker units to deal immense splash damage to enemy teams. The comp revolves around running Olaf as your main carry and using Locket of the Iron Solari to buff up your berserker units which are all melee.

[How to play Slam Berserkers]

When to make:

This comp has it’s best start when you can find 3 berserkers and electric early. It’s also quite important to get Locket early so you can win streak or find an early Olaf to put ideal items on Olaf instead. Since 6 berserkers comes somewhat late in the game, you can wait off on making Berserker’s Axe after all the Blender players take Spatula.

Electric Wardens: B-tier

Electric Wardens updated

Electric Wardens got some solid buffs for Zed and Ornn, but the reliance of finding either Zed or Electric Lux makes this comp hard to consistently play.

Team comp description:

Electric Wardens has remained a solid option as the addition of lunar allows your electric units to crit more often, resulting in more electric damage. While not an easy build to pilot, as you heavily rely on finding Zed, this comp can still be a powerhouse late game.

[How to play Electric Wardens]

When to make:

This comp transitions simply compared to many builds, but the ideal start would be Volibear and Ornn start. Items are quite flexible as general good defensive items can be used early on units like Nasus or Braum.

Hyperroll Predators: B-tier

updated Hyperoll Predators

Hyperroll predators can be a strong option if you find the right units and items, but the build has to really high roll in order to perform well. Because of the inconsistency, it lands a B rating.

Team comp description:

By using items like Red Buff and Ionic Spark, this comp makes great use of the Predator passive. At level 7 you simply run the best units you can, and at level 8 you can look to add Mystic. Priorities to 3 star are Kog’Maw and Skarner.

[How to play Hyperroll Predators]

When to make:

When you start with a lot of early predators units.

One Punch Veigar: B-tier

One Punch Veigar comp image

One Punch Veigar is somewhat troll, but can be a viable option. If you are playing 6 Shadow and happen to find many Veigars, you can simply go for Veigar 3 instead of 6 Shadow.

Team comp description:

This comp revolves around Veigar’s powerful ability to one shot units that are lower star level than him. As such, Veigar is a priority to 3 star. While 6 mages might be better, it requires you to high roll more and shadow will provide a much-needed boost to your midgame.

[How to play One Punch Veigar]

When to make:

This comp is somewhat unreliable as it relies on a 3 star Veigar, but with Neeko’s Help and a strong mage start, it can be quite feasible. Mountain Taliyah is also a big help to run this build as an early mountain buff can help the early to mid game while you save up eco to find 9 Veigar.

That’s it for now! We’ll be making more team comp recommendations every week and for future patches. Let us know in the comments if we missed anything and good luck in your TFT matches!

  • Sam

    Thanks! this helped me get a good idea on what to pick

    • Uthgar

      Your welcome. Count on us continuing to update this as the game changes!

  • Lucia

    Thanks a lot! I just got my first win with the Noble + Glacial comb. The game is thousand thimes more enjoyable if you know what combs to build :D.

    • Uthgar

      Absolutely. You can count on us continuing to update this as the meta shifts!

  • Lucali

    Ive found it hard to complete these unless you get the right roles.
    Kinda annoying but they are good overall. Are there any other comps you
    see that are good now?

    • Uthgar

      There are a few like Sorcs but they are even less reliable to complete. Did the gameplan not help you with transitions?

  • Beep Boop

    Oof I tried two of these comps and I got some of my worst placings in a while lol, they’re great in theory but when the RNG is not in your favor and your item cheat guide mislabels what goes into red buff, as well as literally everyone is hogging the Vaynes and Lulus, well… unfortunate.

    My wins have been with noble comps. Personally I think that is overall the most consistent to win on, if you can get it.

    • Beep Boop

      OH and I randomly had someone hogging trist on my gunslinger try too, like good golly. I have negative luck I swear 😛 I seem to have done best when I don’t try to follow a guide and just go with my gut, but at the same time I’ve also totally failed that way too xd

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    6 yordels plus shapeshifters is gg

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    What do you think about blademaster with strong CC?